No Devil liveD oN

by 9th Evolution

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Trevor Woodhouse
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Trevor Woodhouse The music is hard, the vocals awesome. If you threw NIN, Manson and Skinny Puppy in a blender, you would get this. Classic Industrial Favorite track: Episodic.
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This 9E album was fully funded via the fans through an indiegogo campaign, all in an attempt to stay indie and keep artistic control..
Signing w/ a label has been an option for years, but I've personally always balked out of fear of getting ground up by the ruthless machine that is the music business. So the fact that was 100% sponsored by the people who care about 9E and what I am doing w/ it, makes this a very important album to me.

"No Devil liveD oN', a palindrome.. Everything is exactly the same, it just takes a different perspective to see it. An introspective look at myself, culture and life itself. Often self-scathing and yet vainglorious. Any piece of art is a vanity project whether the artist wants to admit it or not.. When you are putting your heart and soul out for all to see. It does become about you and you do care. If one says otherwise, they are lying or have a disconnect w/ their work.. which shows.
This is a personal journal set to music, and each song has double meaning.. Can be taking either way and is meant to be. My exact view point is irrelevant, but can be deciphered if so wished. Hence the title being a palindrome. It's a linear choose your own adventure, a glaring contradiction, but yet it makes perfect sense when in album form. You are on a rail for the duration of the ride, yet it is completely up to you how view the story. You may love it, you may hate it.. you may be right and you may be wrong.. That is not up to me at that point. Hopefully regardless, it will be something to remember for you, the listener and a journey you will come back to time and time again.
Thank you for supporting 9E, my music, my voice, my life.
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released March 1, 2014

Music, lyrics, producing,performing and mastering by: Nicholas Whitfield

Cover artwork by:Ashley Bauer



all rights reserved


9th Evolution Saint Petersburg, Florida

9E is a revisionist noir,pop culture meld of rock/industrial/post punk
pulp... Music for a darkened mind

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Track Name: Paralyzed
i’ve seen the end and
felt the pain of losing everything
w/ nothing to gain
from the numb
into the hopelessly abused
into a state where mercy is refused
on the road to paradise lost
i will make it through at any cost
there is nothing that could keep from coming back
coming back for you
in your arms it’s the only place that i’ll ever be free
in your arms it’s the only place that i’ll ever be at peace
i’ve slayed the beast and played the fawn
in this tale no devil lived on
i’ve stared in to the great abyss
will there ever be an end to this
Track Name: Episodic
it’s not a dream it’s somewhere in-between
a slow death as i drown beneath
better days seem impossible
from underneath
living my life episodically
from one sleep deprived moment to the next
investors will write their checks
just as long as they all get what they want
the show must go on until it is done
attempts at the cure are in vain
make-up can’t hide what still remains
broken kid w/ deniers rage
succumbing to time and age
a tuesday morning suicide all those optimist lied
desperation from the wisest men
the sun will never shine again
crafted a makeshift facsimile
a copy of copy etched w/ a forgery
it’s my blood but the skin is not my own
keeping on talking to the vacant dial tone
keep pretending that someone else is there
rather than speaking into dead air
there’s a gun to my head but it’s not a threat
it’s the reality of a life’s worth of regret
Track Name: Patterns
all these random words they start to make sense
leading to beliefs under false pretense
the voices have so much to say
so listen up
in the abstract chaos thrives on thee obscurity
a thin coat of lies hides the transparency
instinct is survivalism ignores the flaws in the plot
your sanity restricts you from connecting the dots
patterns emerge from this murky haze
eyes glossed over w/ a vacant gaze
ignorance is bliss lets forget all of this
and go back to the way it was
there’s a purity in being blind to what you can’t unsee
once you’ve crossed that line
then you have lost your humanity
Track Name: Clockwork
your life’s been so empty
up until now
a void that has been fulfilled somehow
i can give you the secrets of the trade
show you how the magic is made
it’s not a cult just a well oiled machine
built on promises and broken dreams
follow the leader over the ledge
trust that there’ll be something over the edge
no hope
no faith
i just can’t
believe in you
no matter what you say or do
I'll know it’s all untrue
from one event to the next
it’s just a series of dramatic scenes
a clever disguise for all the lies
just a clockwork pyramid scheme
Track Name: Annihilation
you wanted to be a big boy
get your name in the shining lights
all’s fair in love and war
there’s a new target to destroy
you wanted to be the man and
prove yourself to be more just than
a coward who is running as fast as he can
annihilation word on their lips
this brand new nation at their finger tips
annihilate all of your enemies
divide conquer and humiliate
no fear no remorse
cut the power from the source
no villain no hero countdown to zero
you wanted to take control and
show everyone how much you’re worth
now you’re sparkling like a diamond
but valued as coal
you wanted to be the king and
wear your crown of ignorance
this is just the start
you haven’t seen a goddamn thing
annihilation word on the streets
this brand new nation’s built on deceit